Episode 10, Season 2 Finding Creative Clarity

Episode 10, Season 2 Finding Creative Clarity

Posted on 11/21/2018

Why Creative Clarity Is Essential For Entrepreneurial Success


Entrepreneurs are the fastest growing business segment in the United States. But with 90% of all entrepreneurial ventures failing, we have to stop and wonder why.


Twenty years, luxury and neuro human branding® expert, Ali Craig (http://alicraig.com ) knows why. And on this week’s episode of Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® (http://fixmybrandwithalicraig.com ), she and her team of experts transform the fledgling brands of Dr. Megan Todd and Gina Bell into some fierce competition.


Both Dr. Megan Todd and Gina Bell embody the exact reason why 90% of entrepreneurs fail - creative confusion. Entrepreneurs aren’t clear in what exactly they offer let alone how to visually and verbally articulate it in a manner that attracts their paying clients.


With the highly accomplished, Dr. Megan Todd (https://www.meganannetodd.com/ ), her lack of creative clarity was bringing in clients that she didn’t love, work that didn’t excite her, and a limited income. By clarifying the heart of her work and the real reasons why her audiences say, “Yes!” to her this Experience Designer now has a clear process to support her clients while creating unique out of the box experiences for their audiences alike.


Gina Bell (http://gianbell.co ), on the other hand, knew what her work was about, but fell into the trap of executing and speaking of her work just like everyone else. Defining herself as a lifestyle coach, this Creative Living Mentor and busy mom of 6, helps women personally and professionally find ways to bring their free-spirited innocence back into their everyday life (https://www.howtofallinlovewithyourlife.com/ )


“Dr. Megan Todd and Gina Bell’s heart for their work and their audience was always clear.” Craig says, “But like many entrepreneurs seeing and speaking of their work in a way that was authentic as well as captivating was the greater challenge. And because both of these brands are creative they struggled with realizing their true need for support. Because just because you are creative doesn’t mean you can create for yourself.”