Episode 8, Season 2 - Time to go Live

Episode 8, Season 2 - Time to go Live

Posted on 11/07/2018

Why Entrepreneurs Must Play All In To Grow Their Bottom Lines

It may sound obvious, but for a brand to be successful the message, motive, and in turn, money streams must be clear. Though that seems like common sense, far too many entrepreneurs get lost with the latest fad, idea, or potential opportunity out there. 

This was the case when Lisa Rehurek (https://www.lisarehurek.com/) and Talmar Anderson (https://www.talmaritup.com/ ). These savvy brands started this season of Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® (http://fixmybrandwithalicraig.com/) like the average entrepreneur - scattered, somewhat successful, but still suffering.

But we changed all of that and in this week’s episode airing on Apple Tv Brandpreneur network, we show the viewer the specific transformations to these two brands and what it means to their businesses too. 

With Lisa Rehurek’s once scattered brand, we show how we refined her message while creating strong, concise revenue streams all under a brand umbrella that shows off her personality while supporting her audience, The RFP Success Company (https://www.therfpsuccesscompany.com/). We transformed her multiple brands into a powerful and unified multi-platform brand creating more leverage and love from and for her audience

And for Talmar Anderson we show the viewer how we transformed her one on one success into a multi-platform leveraged brand allowing her to have a concise message with a diversified income stream. Meet Boss Actions (https://www.bossactions.com/ )

Host Ali Craig says, " Solid brand structures are key for Lisa and Talmar's brand's ultimate success as well as the success of all entrepreneurs. But far too often, entrepreneurs skip over this step and go from the idea to execution without stopping and planning for how the ideas will actually make solid and lasting income for their businesses."