Episode 7, Season 2 - Capturing Creativity

Episode 7, Season 2 - Capturing Creativity

Posted on 10/31/2018

The Top 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Sabotage Their Own Success  


Being an entrepreneur isn’t just a life goal, it is a reality for more and more. With 2017 seeing a recorded number of entrepreneurial style business blooming and 2018 set to surpass even those numbers- it is crucial that these entrepreneurs make it passed the 4 years “make it or break it” mark.


The truth is though to get past this mark and to become a true business success, it has little to do with the logistics of the business and so much to do with the mindset of the entrepreneur. Twenty-year branding industry vet, Ali Craig believes, “Branding is a deeply personal experience and if you want to get real about your business as well as your bottom line - you have to get real about who you are.”


On this week’s episode of Apple Tv’s Brandpreneur™ Network, our brands come face to face with the three sabotaging realities that stop most entrepreneurs ultimate success:


(1)getting clear on their values,

(2)shedding their old ways,

(3) and making peace with their past.


This week the Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® team helps Dr. Megan Todd, Sylvia Becker-Hill (http://becker-hill.com), and Gina Bell (http://ginabell.co) not just break passed these top 3 sabotagers, but fully show up and embody where they and their brands are going through their personal style, photography, and videos.

With the professional team of Ali Craig (http://alicraig.com), Sandy Hapoienu (Http://http://sandyhapoienu.com), Stacey Lanoix (https://www.staceylanoix.com), Norma Molina (http://www.normalopezmolina.com), Jenni P(https://iconicliving.co )  and Marcella Cardinal (http://www.marcellacardinal.com), Cassondra Youngs (https://www.etsy.com/shop/CassondraYoungs ) and Laura Kingz these brands didn’t just overcome their mental blocks, they embody their unique brand messages to create one of a kind visuals to attract their audiences and make bank.