Episode 5, Season 2 - Ready, Set, Go

Episode 5, Season 2 - Ready, Set, Go

Posted on 10/17/2018

How Fashion Influences Your Entrepreneurial Success


We hate to admit it, but our personal style influences how we come across to the world, our clients, and in turn, directly affects our bottom lines.


With nonverbal communication being how we communicate 93% of the time, our personal style is an influential piece of this communication puzzle. Add on top of that our social media influence in pictures and videos as well as the longevity of such pieces and the personal style we bring to represent our businesses and brands is so much more than “just clothes.”

On this week’s episode of Apple Tv’s Brandpreneur™ Network’s hit show Fix My Brand With Ali Craig (http://fixmybrandwithalicraig.com ), the brand’s style, mindset, and nonverbal messages are uploaded as they head into their 7-day professional photo and video shoot in Orlando, Fl.